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  • Development
  • Research
  • UI Design
  • Content Creation
  • Wireframes



Andreia Costa is a landscape photographer, who needed a way to display the authenticity of her craft, and came to me for a platform for that purpose. She expressed to me that, she travels to take certain pictures and requires and that they require a lot of editing of the same. I never got in contact with the world of landscape photography, so it was for sure a challenge. I had to study the community and different strategies from other landscape photographers.


Create a platform like an exibition

Explain the art and artist

Organize the photos by theme

Create an organic way of displaying photos










The art to show a picture is more complex than it seems. Normally people wouldn’t want to see photography just based on location. There needed to be some intriguind factor or some order on the way photos were displayed. The need to create a narrative is necessary, because this storytelling will dictate the travelling of the photos. The sole purpose of this project was to display the photos in order, so later she could be contacted.

Competitive Research

I never had contact with the Landscape Photography
industry, to study the strategies, the order of layout, themes,
colour, display, typography and how they present
Therefore i developed a research.

Beyond The Lands


  • Good opening
  • Excellent layout choice
  • Simple


  • Menu too long (to many options)
  • No supportive user Journey
  • To much information

Jacinto policarpo


  • Clean
  • divided by themes
  • intro well performed


  • To much text
  • No language coherence

Miguel Claro


  • No Theme
  • No typography hierarchy
  • Bad colour scheme


It is important to clarify a path, and a narrative to create an order of view the art of landscape Photography


With the result from the user research came the creation of personas. Tried to fill in the most of the results that the interviewed gave.

User Journey

After defining personas it was essential to do a user journey also due to the fact of wanting to create a narrative, in order to view the photo you desire.


After understanding the emotions and the journey of the user, i created this information architecture to guide and ensure that the narrative and the purpose of the project was given to the user. The sitemap was design with the information distributed to the respective page.

User navigation

After the information was distributed, the user navigation was formed to construct the way the ways the user would be guided.


After that, the lo-fi wireframes were formed. We let similar layouts during pages but and a espeficic layout for the photos.

UI Kit

In this project the elements were selected in order to highlight the images. To create an line of narrative that would go with the image it took some discrepancy.

H1- This a Heading all in uppercase

H2- This a Heading all in uppercase

P- This a Heading all in uppercase


After the whole design, I developed the website in HTML and CSS using Visual Studio code. I Made the website responsive in all matters and then it got published.


In this project the challenge was to match the style of photography by Andreia. Since the images are so diferent from each other, even though they are all landscape, it came the adversity, to organize the content. However the creation of categories made the ux experience of website functional and engaging.